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(7) Chapter Seven

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the next day in a small room at the University of British Columbia..

 “wizzywig.. wizzywig.. no need to respond.. got the picture.. bad news bad news.. I need refreshes most often.. same datum, will appraise and update you fastest..”

The blue eyes never blinked.. but a slow tightening around the eyes revealed a very disturbed look.. as slim fingers shut off the transmitter and moved to an aerial image of a very particular point on the earth that had just arrived in a very high tech data burst emanating from a high flying military jet. To Anoneemoose it confirmed and put a very blunt picture to a frightening earlier email message from young Kyle Sehorn.. one of the most effective whale watchers on the west coast of the island.. and it was very clear now that there was no coincidence involved in the pod of whales converging where the recorded whale sounds had been transmitting from. The fine lines and regular set of dots could only indicate that fishing nets had sealed the cove. Infrared transmissions clearly indicated whales on both sides of the nets.

The highest priority email from Kyle under his knickname “Honeybear” earlier that morning had triggered the emergency request for a flyover. That the flyover and imaging was conducted by his military mom codenamed Wizzywig seemed  an unlikely coincidence but didn’t bother Anoneemoose.

Some things just were the way they were… and that the high flying woman was a committed friend to the whales with access to unbelievable military technology was remarkable.. that she had a surfer dude hacker son with a similar but different access to the whales was even more remarkable.

The kid was just a fountain of eyewitness info on the whales from his vantage point in the middle of surfer and kayak culture out there on the west coast of the island. 

“Hunter’s going to hate me for this.. and I hope he doesn’t take it wrong.. but we need troops in the field.. now.. and Jimmy Walker is just the kind of help we need. This is serious shit we’re in here.. we got some nasty players have taken the field.. got to get after them.. pronto.. time to push a few buttons and see if we can get out of this without it all getting out of hand..”

At the same time.. up the coast and inside the trawler..  five or six voices led by one.. discuss the whales they have trapped and prepare to get them out of the water and move them immediately

“tonight we start dragging the nets into shore.. when we got em beached, why then we just bag em and wrap em boys.. and I tell you now.. the choppers’ll be coming in here to drop off long long green.. and take away those sweet babies out there. I want a one hour watch on off.. both ends of the ship and an inspection of all the floats end to end, both nets, on the hour too..  We’re real close boys. Got some real work ahead of us.. and a damn fine payday.. damn right.. Y’all read me loud and clear? And I want someone ready with the sonar.. might have to stun em a bit.. and the fishfinder too… ready to go if I say so..”

Much later.. and further down the coast to the south, it was almost dark when Jimmy emerged from the light surf and quickly picked up the kayak as the dog leaped onto dry land.. The day had unfolded strangely with no sign of the whales.. They clearly hadn’t made it this far.. every kayaker and every surfer had already moved that message on down the line.. but why not.. where were they? And that curiously flat feel to the water.. there was discord..  the pathway was in some way interrupted.. had not grandfather taught him the rythmm of the water.. the dog had been curiously focused to the north.. looking there all the way out.. and for hours as he self admittedly.. had stroked aggressively northwards?

Moment later he was reading the sparse note pinned to his steering wheel.. he folded it into his wetsuit and closed his eyes…. until the calmness came. Minutes later his eyes snapped open and a smile grew.. though not a very friendly smile.

Isolated in the dimness of her tiny office Moira glanced up from her equipment when her email symbol flashed and blipped..  and she brought the message up to read…  Her look of slight irritation turned upside down, inside out and became essentially livid..

“those fuckers!!!”

Hunter had been following the coast road at the end of the day.. not even really sure why.. driving into each small village.. and drifting on foot down to the docks or the beaches.. listening casually to the locals and watching the distant horizon for birds.. or even whales.. he was on to his next stop.. and clearly the whales had been feeding heavily.. the fishermen were frustrated.. and he’d seen the distant gulls dipping and squabbling.. a sure sign of the whales safe passage.. but nothing today strangely.. no sign or word at all.. his thoughts turned homeward.. and incredibly vivid feelings came to him immediately..

“I hope that girl aint drivin her grandparents batty.. and I sure hope they aint givin her too big a dose of that shaman stuff.. but they’re just so darn connected that it can’t be a bad thing.. awful weight to carry tho.. all those tribe memories..  glad they couldn’t pass it over to me..”

A troubled thought came to him,, and lightly wondering why his antenna had suddenly twitched..  his thoughts tuned even tighter to his adopted parents up the coast..  he was suddenly inclined to pull over.. something was going on..  he could feel Chief Joey’s attention and there was meaning in this moment.. He closed his eyes and let a calmness come to him.. drifting and wispy.. he was no shaman  but he could tune in  .. and he felt the sea breeze and the smell of salt air.. there was a lapping sound.. diesel smells.. and great agitation and energy.. a light, even gentle woman’s voice floated in his mind as well.

His eyes snapped open and he remained unblinking for over a minute.. then, like a cloud had gathered threateningly.. a rather hard look grew on his face.

“I hope these boys know what they’re in for.. ya just don’t go messing with the whales.. things have changed with that bull leading them.. far less sense of humor than his mama had.. hope those suckers are up for it.. cause that old bull is going to bring the full load.. as John Madden would say.. And I just wonder what kind of a stink Anoneemoose is creating.. hardly likely that rascal is going to take it sitting down.. think I’ll just have to take a ringside seat.. see what needs a doin.. ”

He brought the truck around and began retracing his route, thinking hard about this local part of the coast.

Within the inlet and outside the taught cables and nets.. were 13 whales.. all with their own thoughts..

Far to the west and high to the north air currents from the arctic merged together in a circular pattern upon meeting warmer banks of air out over the ocean.

By the edge of the shore.. an older man sat musing.. idly trailing his fingers through the water and looking high to the northwest..  beside him sat a woman , a young girl and an even younger boy.. all seemed lost in thought.. but their heads were in perfect profile and alignment to the south.. lightly.. almost imperceptibly nodding in a faint but sure rhythm.  


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 1:27 am

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