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(9) Chapter Nine

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at about the same time.. that night.. but in Vancouver

It was very dark in the rangy backyard.. but three voices murmured lightly under very faint starlight obscured for the most part by high drifting clouds.  It was one of those nights when sounds seemed to drift randomly but clearly across the neighborhood, Strong lush smells of distant pines and salt air mingled with varying flavors of barbeques long turned off but still sending strong signals into the breeze.

Scuttling across the fence tops at the side of the dark yard,  a large raccoon paused and seemed almost to be listening to the light conversation..  three more smaller versions..  rolled up and to a stop behind their mother.  The four silent and masked creatures, watched, listened, sniffed.. and seemed to express with lightly agitated paws an intense curiosity.. and perhaps even a need to touch.

“It’s late.. Its been real nice Shirley.. Darcy..”

Movement and a break in the clouds revealed the three figures who came to their feet and began heading along the side of the house toward the street. The four raccoons were suddenly getting a closer look than expected as the three adults strolled past them and on down the driveway..

“I don’t know how you do it Shirl.. I come here for dinner. Too often ya know.. and I just know my taste buds are going to get a workout, and they do.. but I’m always amazed the way ya educate me too.  I love what you have to say. If’n you’re food wasn’t so awesome.. I’d be happy just to hear the way ya see things. Ya got a special way about ya! And you know.. I’d never really even thought about Injuns really that way.. naw ! I never woulda ever had an inkling.. but you paint such a picture with words.. I swear.. I’m there.. howja ever learn all that about them Indians..

I mean I never even heard about em.. and you know all about em..  and that story about the killer whale and the fishermen.. well.. I’m just about hurting from laughing at the thought of that story..  well..  I gotta go… I’m just stuffed.. fadin a bit.. Thanks again.. tomorrow Darcy.. we gotta talk more about that Jimmy kid.. ya gotta pitch him.. we gotta look him over..

“Night Dusty.. you’re so sweet”

“awe.. go on..”

“see ya Dust..”

Dusty ambled off chuckling.. the two of them watched him out of sight.. lost in their own thoughts. But their arms were wrapped around each other, her head on his shoulder.

The crusty but huge hearted older man continued.. brisker now as he hit his stride and breathed deeply of the summer evening’s powerful air.

“something about that Jimmy kid.. its like.. naa.. ya but it is.. kinda like.. but.. for sure, he’s tuned into something awful natural can’t see but that he’s a straight arrow.. gotta way around him.. that’s kind a spooky tho.. like a cat but.. kinda .. geez.. what was Shirley a sayin.. bout that stuff.. shamanism she called it.. he’s sure wizardly.. got a way to make the ball behave..  sit up and take notice.. never seen the like..never ever.. kinda like that movie.. The Natural.. but without all the Hollywood.. and no girl either to mess things up right now.

 across the land.. the light faded out.. and on the other side of Vancouver Island things had quieted down in some ways.. but in other ways.. a fuse had been lit.. and forces were moving toward the focal point.. and out to sea.. in the North Pacific, a storm was gathering..  


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 1:49 pm

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