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(_14) Chapter Fourteen

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The same day..

Young Kyle had ridden an easy rolling wave.. but picking a smaller wave that followed a big one, running in toward the outflung arm that deflected most weather other than an extreme nor’wester. Then with a light roll simply dropped over the back of it and paddled furiously behind to gain the rocky arm unseen. He was soon tucked low within the jumble of back rocks and spray.. and dialing in the binoculars.

The arrival of the two rednecks to claim their stolen car and skiff was laughable.. he wished those to assholes would hang around with the fishermen so he could help trash their asses too.  To Kyle there was no sitting on the fence.. there was no fence.. you were on the side of the whales or nothing..

Jimmy materialized out of thin air, tapping him on the shoulder and startling the living daylights out of the young surfer.. who was only able to gather the thought..

“how the heck does he do that to me every time.. just sneaks right up on me.”

Just before Jimmy had arrived beside him.. the two loud men on foot had arrived over the crest of the road into the cove.  The light touch on his shoulder had come about then. After some loud and boisterous argument.. he and Jimmy had seen the two idiots get the skiff onto the trailer after many clumsy tries.. and eventually drive out of the cove with a gravel spewing rev of the engine.

Jimmy had left shortly after, but strangely had smiled at the entire stupid scene of the two rednecks getting the skiff on the trailer and driving it all on out of there.  Kyle had some thoughts about the fact that the skiff had been driven that other dark night into the cove by the girl..

Jimmy had reminded him that movements of people or equipment were what he needed to know.. asked if all was well with his family.. gave him a positive cuff on the shoulder and returned to his kayak.. timed his entry into the water and jetted off to the south with a wave at the surfers acting busy out there.

Within a half hour of Jimmy’s departure,  Kyle sculled home to refuel with a sandwich and fire off a few quick emails.. in particular letting Kathy know that the skiff she had ejected from had been scooped by two loud and very stupid men. He returned to his little hiding spot in the rocks  in time to see a huge twin rotored helicopter came threshing in over the cove. It maneuvered mightily then began to sag to the ground tail first near the lowest point of the cove.

Armed men came ashore from the trawler in one of the skiffs and ran up onto the tiny beach just in from of the huge chopper.. The door cracked open and two men with extremely short haircuts emerged down the short stairs that had unfolded.. and spoke to the lead fisherman with the hunting rifle.  At a nod from the taller of the two .. a diminutive figure with an oriental face stepped out of the chopper and up to the fishermen.  The conversation seemed animated to Kyle and moments later the short man boarded the skiff and was taken to the trawler.

It seemed just minutes later that an instrument pod was lowered over the side of the trawler by two crewmen. There was a thrashing in the water.. and much leaping by the whales within the net.. then they disappeared again.

“What is going on in there? Was that sonar hitting the whales?”

Within minutes, the small man was being ferried ashore.  Three armed men were left behind before the massive bird lifted away and swung away to the west.. again drifting right over the wondering Kyle Sehorn.. and they are moving the nets in again after getting over some sort of problem with the trawler engine.. and putting a diver in between the nets and trouble shooting the fishing skiffs

(Weather is coming.. !!  bigger swells !!)

(how many days to the final night battle ?)

 he calls the number he was given (Hunter)

and updates Anoneemoose and Kathy again by email..  about sonar..

(Wizzy doing night qualification w Harrier does some infrared passes and transmits to anoneemoose)  


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 2:48 pm

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