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(_16) Chapter Sixteen

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His mind was spinning. Could this really be so?

He looked down at the airline ticket in his hand and leaned against the dark cool concrete wall outside the clubhouse. He felt the silence and thoughts coming from Creighton to his right and Billy on his left.. and as the moments of confusion swirled around him he closed his eyes and reached out for clarity .

 There were many places where he found clarity and a light smile came to him as he found one in particular and went there. He stood on the edge of the ocean beside his grandfather and watched the salmon leaping as they readied for their passage up the river of their birth. He felt the calming hand on his shoulder and turned to look into the smiling eyes.  All Is One. He left the ocean and went to the forest where he knew he would find his father’s warrior spirit.  There he saw him across a narrow surging stream.  Smiling, his father looked at him and gestured upstream where a spirit bear stood in mid-stream waiting for the salmon to come. Watching in the shadows up on the stream bank were two yearling cubs.  Jimmy breathed in the power of his visions and all who had seen them before him and took the tiniest glowing ember of it inside himself.

Opening his eyes he saw Creighton’s calm eyes and turning, he saw  strength and determination in Billy’s face.

“You would like my father Billy.. you will meet him very soon I think.”

Somehow this wasn’t quite what Billy was expecting to hear from his team mate and he flicked a quick look  past Jimmy to Creighton who suddenly burst out laughing and delivered a mighty cuff to Jimmy’s shoulder. The three of them were now laughing and Jimmy found that he could easily give words to his ideas as they walked out into the late afternoon sunlight. As the three young men moved into the parking lot, Jimmy’s eyes sought out the familiar sight of Quinn holding a lofty position in the back of his truck. 

“Think your dog has a new friend there dude”

Jimmy’s light whistle turned Quinn’s head with a snap from the woman who was leaning into the truck bed and scratching his ears. Her head turned as Quinn leaped free and began to dance in and around the three ball players with little yipping cries and causing them to dance somewhat as well to avoid being knocked over.

“Katherine.. these are my friends and team mates Creighton and Billy.  Creighton.. Katherine Edwards, Billy.”

“Nice to meet you, Creighton, and you too, Billy..”

Her hand disappeared into a giant palm briefly..


Billy stepped closer and extended a far more normal sized hand.

“Pleased to meet ya Katherine ”

Katherine saved Jimmy further explanation by quickly explaining that she was cutting through the lot after the game and recognized the big dog in the black truck.. or rather the dog had send a sharp bark her way as he’d recognized her first.

“You were at our game.” Blurted from Billy.

“Yes.. you were wonderful.. I mean your team was very impressive. I haven’t been to a ball game in forever, and I forgot how much I enjoy watching the game. Especially when it ends on such an exciting play.”

Jimmy thought about how much he enjoyed watching this beautiful young woman move her arms and hands while she spoke. There was something in her  eyes too that was hard to look away from. For a long moment the three of them just stood there in a parking lot while the coast mountains looked down on them in splendor and only the great dog Quinn was able to break the spell as he rushed to the truck and leapt up in a soaring bound.. turning around with his front feet planted on the mottled kayak and letting out a cracking bark. They burst into laughter and moved to the side of the truck where Quinn snuffed them happily at eye level.

“Are you free this evening Katherine? I need a ride to the airport, and there’s things I’d like to talk to you about.. the whales.”

Jimmy read her glance at Billy and Creighton and shook his head with a smile, telling her that his team mates were very aware of what was happening with the whales and that in fact these two had rescued her car, trailer and boat from the cove. Katherine took this revelation in and thought with an audible laugh about the two idiots Kyle had described. She quickly thanked the two young men and turning to Jimmy to inquire about his role in all this, saw him raise his palms disarmingly as if he could explain.. and at the same time suggest his bros could  take her car if she would ride with Quinn and himself and meet for a bite to eat. The calm but smiling face of Jimmy and the sniffing of Quinn behind her ear dissolved any doubts and she put her keys into the big hand that Creighton extended with a light but smiling shake of her head.

“Pretty big.. and sure doesn’t act like an indiot.. hmm.. act, actor, acting..”

The five of them enjoyed a light dinner outside not far from the University of British Columbia. At a picnic  table overlooking English Bay five strong spirits merged their thoughts and formed a picture of how they could deal with the challenge at hand.

Katherine was stunned to hear that Jimmy was expected in Toronto and even more surprised that he wanted her to take Quinn and his truck and deliver a message to the wife of his baseball manager Darcy McGee. Creighton and Billy’s raised eyebrows added to her consternation but Quinn’s sudden bark as he placed his large paws upon the picnic table and looked into Jimmy’s face left forestalled her questions.

Jimmy looked at them with those dark eyes and quietly explained there were others like them that had courage and strength and they simply had to bring that spirit together.

“There is spirit power at the cove as well. I know this well. It is not enough to simply free the whales. Thunderhead can do this by himself but I have spoken with him and he cannot  change the fact that someone is able to pay those who would harm the whales and take them from the sea. Do you understand this? We are not trying to save the whales.. we are trying to catch the one who would harm the whales.”

There was silence at the table as the light fell..

“There is power building as we speak..  dangerous power.  We cannot control it.. only ride it. I am only one of the riders.  There are many.. you among them.. Quinn too.  My father has been there many times before us when the power cuts loose.. my grandfather  has been there too.. but in a way that is harder to understand. The Orca are gathering. Mother Nature is gathering too. We are onlookers who play only upon the waves at her pleasure. Yet all this has meaning.. the memories of our footsteps.. our actions will carry on.. and go on.”

Again there was silence at the table.. till the big catcher and Billy found their voices.

“I’m right there with you Jimmy”

“Me too”

Katherine nodded her head.. half believing, half in wonderment at how she had found herself at this place and this moment.. far outside her experience.. yet another half , if that strange mathematics was possible.. knowing that there was no other place.. no other  moment or dream that she would trade for this irresistible feeling of being in the right place. She felt the gaze of the black dog and turned to find the same feelings that she felt coming from all at the table.  This was where she belonged.. was supposed to be.. everything in this moment “fit”.

Billy and Creighton left in her car.. clear on what they had to do.. She and Quinn headed for the airport with Jimmy behind the wheel

Later, they sat near the departure gate on the tailgate in the darkness,

“Tell me about the whales Jimmy, what are they really like ?”

Quinn crouched at her hip as she sat with shoulders almost touching beside the mysterious young man who continued to surprise every time their path’s crossed. Something inside her wanted to reach out further and further to him.. but strangely she felt that she needed to not reach out.. but simply open up more and more to the bright energy that seemed to surge around him.

Jimmy thought about the whales and what to tell her.. but he also thought and felt about the amazing feeling of sitting here beside her.. He turned to tell her about the whales just as the feeling of being beside her took over.. and leaning to her touched her shoulder and kissed her lightly on her cheekbone. Her head turned slightly and without moving he found his lips brushing gently to meet hers.

After a long, quiet moment of lips touching, feeling.. kissing.. he leaned back slightly and looked at her with his dark eyes..

“The whales are like that..”

Katherine leaned closer to explore more of what the whales were like and when Jimmy’s hands found her hands she felt like she was  … flying somehow, warm, perfect.. glowing..

It was hard to collect her thoughts after he disappeared into the airport, but with Quinn in the cab of the truck she  felt that she could do anything.. anything except make that marvelous young man reappear.. instead of taking off to a far away city. She sighed deliciously, then switched to a here and now that was scary, challenging.. even a bit overwhelming.. but she had this incredible feeling as well.. a special warm feeling. She looked at Quinn and fired up the engine.

“Well Quinn.. its  you and me, places to go, people to see.”


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 3:22 pm

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