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(_18) Chap Eighteen

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very late that night..

The email from young Kyle triggered anoneemoose  into motion. Things were breaking fast now and she had to bend the edges and work at this now from home, explaining to Darcy that she had a lot of work related email to deal with. She retreated to her own study where she kept enough high end gear to function.. not at the level that she had at the University, but since she studied a culture that was oral by nature, there were many reasons to have sophisticated audio gear at home. When Kyle’s email arrived, she lost no time tuning into the military channels that carried the SOSUS submarine listening signals.

It was breathtaking.. shocking even.. suddenly the entire audio spectrum of Comuppance Cove had arrived. It gave her just an inkling of the kind of hardware Hunter was able to get his hands on. The sounds from the cove were now transmitting to anyone who cared to listen, especially one who was ever attuned to the path of the great killer whales. But this was a tragic symphony. And this set of ears had already heard many unfolding episodes of confrontations between the white and black creatures of the sea.. and those who rode in boats on the water.

It took her only minutes to encode the recordings she was making and also feed live streaming audio via the whalewatchers main websites.. then she set about targeting the main search engines and sending direct hits at the useful media outlets that she thought might help. What Hunter was sending had to become accessible to the general public she thought bluntly and stabbed the execute keystroke that set a web onslaught in motion.

Five terse emails later she relayed a condensed status quo and the URL to access the sound files to particularly motivated and realistic associates from her vast web of whale connections, knowing these five would know what was coming and help get the machine humming. In all her communications she relayed carefully the fact that there were active whalepeople already on scene and in the water.. quite capable of neutralizing ill-intended aggressive attempts against whale freedom.

In her own little lab Katherine was stunned at the dire communiqué from anoneemoose. She had not idea that she was perceived as one of the foremost five who should be immediately appraised of the happenings at Comuppance Cove. To hear the clear voices of the fishermen aboard the trawler was paralysing.. and the cash dollars that were being spoken of.. were shocking. But to hear the whistles of the captive whales overlaid on this conversation was simply overwhelming to her emotions.. And to make matters worse.. she had just dropped Jimmy off at the airport !

And so the happenings at the cove were now on the internet.. to anyone with ears..

Wizzywig found Kyle’s message about a helicopter arriving at the cove.. and moments later an automated message triggered her pager and cel phone. The trawler was now broadcasting from the cove on her cel phone via a quirky but effective computer patch from anoneemoose. She quickly got on the phone to the airbase and pulled strings though her master sergeant .. to scramble a surprise qualifying flight of the visiting Harrier jump jet from Britain. To her mind.. a little nap of the earth infrared mapping was just the kind of ride to shake the dust off her navigator with. Push the envelope of the beautiful aircraft at night or near dawn, low.. with strong gusting winds and heavy updraft. With a resigned shake of her head she thought about the fact that within the images she would undoubtedly gather would be little specks that were her seemingly feral child.. who hinted to her about whale things.. perhaps not truly aware that she was probably the main source of all up to date imagery and positioning of the pod.

She wondered if he was aware that his high flying mom was a radically hot source of surfing info simply by nature of blasting so many hot packs of  aerial imagery to anoneemoose. For sure there were others who had twigged to this constant source of imagery and data from up and down the coast that came at such prompt intervals.

The thwacking sound of the screen door closing announced the return of  the feral son. She headed for the kitchen with a firm plan to make sure she got some serious fuel into her son and a serious discussion about just what was really happening at the Cove.

“Kyle !”


Could expand the bad fishermen here ..


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 3:26 pm

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