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(_19) Chap Nineteen

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At the cove.. it was still dark, but fishermen in a skiff paid out a light but highly effective net and were dragging it from the midpoint of the heavier nets sealing the cove to a point on the shoreline.. cutting the part of the cove that held the trapped whales in half.  The howling wind made communication difficult but these were men who were no strangers to darkness or rough water. They  went about their task and began to pull the top of the net across the foot of the cove. After thirty minutes of diligent effort they had brought the two ends of the net completely around the shoreline and were snugly warping it along the floating top line of the heavy net across the cove to the trawler anchored at the  middle. A work light flared  from the deck and experienced hands quickly threaded hooks and a small donkey engine began reeling in the net.

In the cabin, the lead fisherman, was engaged in a heated conversation on a  cel phone and strode to the shipboard indicators and bridge instruments.

“Well you’ll just have to get cracking then and tell them to get closer to shore and be ready to roll in here for a ship to ship transfer if you can’t get that damn chopper flying in this weather.”

He listened for a moment and barked right back into the phone.

“Sure as hell sounds like you’re gettin a little taste of what I’ve been up against.. I thought you said your security boys could handle anything!”

Another pause to listen.

“For sure there’ll be hell to pay if we have to transfer out there in these seas.. its gusting at thirty, forty knots right now. Tell you what too! Our deal was to put them on the beach and our end of the deal is done..  if you can’t  take delivery there, then you can pay us off on board here.. and anything from there is just us moving your whales somewhere’s else.. no charge for the shipping! But they’re your whales then and you can call the shots.. and you can tell us where and when.”

Another pause to listen.

“I’m telling you we’re cranking in a net as we speak and whatever whales aint in that net we’ll scoop up in the next swing over the rest of the cove. We’ve fought off hell and high water and more interference than ya can shake a stick at. There aint no net that I’ve seen that can take that big bull, but the rest are going to be hard aboard before the end of the day, so let’s get this deal done one way or t’other.. chopper or no chopper.”

He took another look at  the radar scope , listening to the voice on the phone and agreed to run a skiff to shore as soon as they arrived at the cove.. and hung up.

Away to the east, in Vancouver, a black truck pulled up in a driving rain  into Darcy and Shirley’s driveway and sat there  while the driver collected her thoughts under the steady gaze of Quinn. She returned the gaze, shook her head and rubbed the big dog’s head thoughtfully.

“Well, Quinn.. we’ve got a fair drive ahead of us to the island and I guess we just better get on with it.”

She cracked the door carefully so that the wind wouldn’t tear it away with a gust and held it till the dog leaped out and bending under an umbrella that threatened to fly away into the darkness, splashed her way to the front door found the doorbell and rang it. She was surprised to see the door open so quickly, almost as if she was expected.. and found herself looking at an attractive woman dressed for rough weather in a heavy ribbed fisherman’s sweater, a matching wool  tuque and bright yellow rain pants in the hand that wasn’t holding the door open.

“Well, who do we have here? Come in come in.. and bring that devil beast with you. He looks mighty familiar.”

“Thanks, I feel terrible about intruding at such an absurd hour but.. Oh I’m sorry.. I’m Katherine Edwards, I don’t think we’ve ever met.. though I know of your work at UBC of course.. and it seems you’ve met Quinn.”

“Yes.. Quinn and I have met..”

The tall woman closed the door against the rain and led them toward the kitchen.. just as a tall figure in a housecoat appeared at the top of the stairs rubbing sleep from his eyes and staring down at the large dog who had turned and put his front feet up on the first stairs and now looked up at him with his head turned slightly as if questioning the wardrobe of the familiar man at the top of the stairs.

“Lordamercy Darcy.. you’re a sight.. why don’t you get dressed and join us.. somehow I doubt that this is a social call..

Katherine followed her into the kitchen and they sat down and looked at each other.

“You’re anoneemoose..”

Shirley McGee gave a little sigh and nodded her head. Katherine gave little exasperated shake of her head.

“Oh come on Katherine..  Jimmy had this all figured out long ago, and as much as I was trying to use him to help out, he was way ahead of us all .. and for some crazy reason, I think he still is.. so tell me why you’re here. It sure isn’t to blow my little secret out of the water with Darcy.”

“Oh Shirley, I’ve been stuck in my head trying to free the whales somehow and Jimmy seems to have this little secret world with them.. and while most of us are just observing, Jimmy’s been communicating with them. I feel so stupid.. helpless.”

“Katherine, you’re not the only one who feels that way. I feel like a bumbling meddler at times. This is far deeper than science and good intentions. Jimmy’s arrived out of the blue with all the shaman mojo that we know nothing about and in the background you’ve got someone like Hunter Walker who’s a pretty scary dude.. and up the coast there’s Jimmy’s grandfather with his fine and mystical hands all over this. Do you think I’m not frustrated too? I look at artifacts and history and a misty obscure culture and you look at the science.. and those three sit in their little clubhouse or longhouse and probably have a good laugh at all of us.”

“Shirley, Jimmy sent me here with a message for you..”

Darcy stuck his head through the doorway at that moment.

“Is it safe? Wouldn’t want to intrude on girl talk..”

Shirley scowled and gestured to a chair.

“You might as well get an earful Darcy and I’ll try to explain the rest later.. it’s a bit complicated. But let’s hear what Kathy has to say.. she’s got a message from Jimmy for me.. for us.”

 Darcy took a seat.

 “Jimmy says if we all work together.. as one .. we’ll catch the wildlife broker in the act. That we need the media to wrap him up and expose him and his clients. He says that’s our task and that freeing the whales is up to the other whales with a little help from his dad and grandfather. He wants you to go to the cove and use your power and magic along with the help of others he has in motion to look after that. Exposing the crime. He says that my job is to convince you to leave the hunting to the hunters.. and lead all the other aspects of the opportunity to shine a light on this moment so all can see.

There was silence at the table.. Darcy’s lips tried to move but he found himself realizing that something was unfolding that he had no inkling about.

“What else did Jimmy say?”

“That only you could move him from Toronto to the cove in case.. in case something went wrong with his dream.”

“Katherine.. nothing will go wrong with his dream. His father is here.. and I suspect his grandfather too in some scary shaman way. Hunter suggested I use my connections and make sure that Jimmy could get back here.. in case something happened to Hunter. Somehow I see it as more likely that something happens to those who get in Hunter’s way, but as we speak, arrangements are being made to make sure Jimmy’s on his way here after his games in Toronto. Hunter made this clear to me.. and after getting a sense of who this kid Jimmy seems to be.. I was well on my way to the same conclusion anyway. It may be the ride of his life, but Jimmy will be in good hands enroute.”

She turned her head to Darcy and shrugged her shoulders.. then began a concise tale of how she and Hunter Walker went way back to “Black Operations” in the Special Forces..

“You know some of this stuff  Darcy .. what you don’t know is that when I promised those days were behind me.. they were.. but I needed to feel involved.. active ! I needed to do more than just be a wife, a scientist.. a researcher. And so did so many of us. We found something special for all our talents and energy.. we started looking after special people, special creatures.. doing what we could as a group,  and sometimes individually.. like Hunter. I used my capability with technology to oversee what was happening with whales..  and pull together others with the same interest. Hunter was more of a lone wolf.. using his skills to find people.. and if necessary, hunt people. I couldn’t do that anymore.  It began as a little hobby.. and when it started to involve some of my military connections.. it just grew.. and I kept it a secret from you… kind of like your baseball thing. You don’t need to tell me everything that you do at the diamond. You’ve always just brought back a nice feeling and a sense of it home.. I was just trying to do the same thing with my active stuff with the whales.”

Darcy sat there with an easy smile forming.. kind of unsurprised in a way. There was always more to this woman than e could hold in his hands.. always had been.. always would be. His absolute trust had always followed his certainty that anything this woman was up to was priceless and special.

Katherine watched these two so easily open up to each other and was caught by how connected they were.. despite little secrets. There seemed to be a complete absence of doubt between them. Just a comfortable pipeline of belief and trust. These two were like Jimmy and Quinn.. yet completely different. A perfect connection nevertheless.

“What else did Jimmy have to say Katherine”

She looked at him and then to Shirley.. deciding that she could speak to both now as one.

“He says that Kyle Sehorn and his mom are the key to what anoneemoose needs to do and that two others, Creighton and Billy will be there to help as well. He wants me to help anon.. Shirley I mean.. He said one other thing that I don’t really understand.. and he mentioned several times that there was huge power rolling in and only his dad and grandfather really understood this. He made it really clear that no-one was to be in the water or on the water of the cove itself when it arrived.. unless they were people of the water.”

There was silence at the table, then Quinn suddenly shattered it with an animated  roar that startled them all. He turned to the door and lifted one large paw as if trying to open it. They looked at each other.. and Shirley spoke.

“Let’s go..  its smackin time as Hunter would say.. and I know Jimmy will expect that we’ll figure out what needs to be done. I know where Kyle and Wizzy live and if that’s where we’re supposed to get the ball rolling we should be on our way!”

Shirley rose with a glance at Darcy and stepped to the closet and began pulling rain gear and boots from it. The dog hopped excitedly to her with hose strange little yips and grabbing one of her rubber boots gleefully swung it through the air toward Darcy and danced over to give Katherine a forceful nudge from the chair. There was laughter and a determined air to their exit into the storm outside and two vehicles pulled away and headed to Horseshoe Bay and the ferry to the island.

In the rain.. Hunter watched the activity around the troubled helicopter, confident that it would not play an active role in any attempts to move any whales that were captured. It had been child’s play to slip past the guards who huddled with their backs to the raging winds and rain and create a puzzling series of small problems that would keep the aircraft grounded.  He eased into the streaming mists and headed to the cove hoping that Jimmy had somehow gotten the bigger picture communicated to anoneemoose and that headstrong girl Katherine..  OK..maybe not headstrong.. But like anoneemoose, not one to sit still.. more of an action type he thought.. 


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 3:37 pm

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