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(_20) Chapter Twenty

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Kyle was just twisting his arms into a wetsuit that was rapidly becoming far too small when his mother called out sharply. That wasn’t a tone of voice that was healthy to ignore but he pulled the rubber hood over his head first as the weather roaring outside told him he’d need it. He stepped through the door of the converted “surf shack” as he called what had been a summer kitchen according to his mom and was  not surprised to see her already in one of her many advanced flight suits.. though this one he hadn’t seen before. She was leaning with her arms crossed against the kitchen sink and had that “look” on her face. Kyle was good at this game too, but for some reason that he couldn’t think through right now, he just didn’t feel like giving her a hard time.  There were other things to get riled about.. like the stinkin fishermen.

“Yes Mom?”

She shook her head with a hint of a smile, somehow rolling her eyes at the same time and sent a little chin gesture past Kyle toward the back door.

“You.. we.. have a visitor.. seems to be the same species as you in fact.”

Kyles’s head whirled around and he half jumped out of his wetsuit as he realized he’d walked through the doorway from the shack and right past a very tall man in a wetsuit just like his. Geez ! Only Jimmy Walker had made him jump like that with his mysterious way of arriving unseen and unheard.

“What the..”

“Good morning Kyle”

“I tried to tell him that we don’t eat breakfast around here Kyle, but he said a cup of coffee would do just fine.. so why don’t you two get re-aquainted, since he claims he’s met you before.. and I’ll whip up some of that coffee.”

“Hunter !”

A wide even smile flashed from Jimmy’s dad and he stepped away from the doorway and touched Kyle lightly on the shoulder then pulled a chair out from the table and seated himself without taking his eyes from Kyle yet somehow including the entire room in his gaze including the young lad’s mom. The smile crinkled the big man’s face and he nodded his head as if accepting this fact as Kyle’s mom turned from the coffee machine and looked the two of them over carefully.

Hunter cocked his head as a huge gust hammered driving rain against the kitchen window and he trailed his eyes back to Wizzywig, paused to look straight into her eyes and then swept to the young man standing in front of him. In his thoughts.. how much like Jimmy he was.. !

“My son speaks highly of your son Maam.. rightly so it seems.”

“Well that’s pretty nice  to hear, thank you. Listening to Kyle rant on about your son Jimmy.. you’d think he was God. Though since surfing is Kyle’s religion and the meaning of life all rolled into one.. maybe that’s understandable. You can either call me Kate or Lieutenant Colonel Sehorn by the way, neither work well on air traffic or combat patrol channels so Wizzywig is my on air handle.. Maam is something I expect at the grocery store or from very polite people or Kyle when he’s in deep shit and I let him know it”

She turned to reach for coffee cups and strode to the refrigerator  for milk or cream, catching Hunter’s dark eyes tracking her movements, she raised an eyebrow and Hunter suggested that cream would be a treat, though black was fine too. Again the dark eyes turned to Kyle and he suggested easily that perhaps they could all sit down for a moment as there were some friends of Jimmy that were headed this way.

“Yes.. I think that’s a  real good idea Hunter Walker.. I was just saying late last night to Kyle that things were getting a bit wild and crazy.. and that people could get hurt.”

Kyle rolled his eyes but pulled out a chair and sat facing Jimmy’s dad, looking at him with a thousand thoughts all at once. Hunter probably had no peer at sitting quietly and letting time take its part in shaping events, though some would say he had no peer at moving forcefully and quickly to steer the shaping of events. Right now he sat there quietly and thought of how his son had found the sense of letting time bring so many threads to weave together. Jimmy’s actions showed clearly that he “saw”  a bigger picture unfolding and was forcing the incredible power of  time into the equation. There was a light impression tickling his senses and as Kyle’s mom brought steaming cups of coffee to the table he felt the familiar  calmness drift to him along with the sounds and smells that only Jimmy’s grandfather could “share” with such astounding capability. The salmon will leave the sea and move into the rivers today. Now why was that clear fact coming to him right now. He reached gratefully for his coffee , thanked them both for their hospitality at such an early hour and got down to his reason for arriving in the early dark hours of dawn.

(can develop later how this is all about catching the root of the problem.. as Jimmy had recognized.. Kyle’s part as the Messenger..  Wizzy would make her own decisions..)

Hunter explains the danger of the charges he’ll place on the floats of the net and the shrapnel that will fly across the water. And hands a neatly wrapped package to Kyle. A mottled wetsuit that Jimmy had outgrown years before.

The kid’s eyes shone just as Jimmy’s had ..  


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 3:34 pm

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