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(_21) Chap Twenty One

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Near the cove, Billy, Creighton and Kyle padded in the drenching rain toward a vantage point overlooking the cove where they could also get a good look at, and  intercept any cars that arrived. Kyle was still grumbling that he could do a lot better things to help the whales but Creighton reminded him that Jimmy had been very clear about how important it was that they fulfill this part of a trap. Billy took over reminding him that it was only Kyle who could identify those who were from the helicopter.. and that very soon others would arrive from the news and media and wildlife authorities.. and that  they must not enter the roadway to the cove until after the bad guys..

They passed under a very old pine scarred by lightening strikes and only Kyle looked up and saw the eagle quietly perched high near the shattered crown.

Enter the bad guys.. They’ll make an attempt to move Donnybrook by car to the chopper..

Wizzy is in the air.. but has dropped off Jimmy ? Where does she go with the Harrier ?

Outside the nets, Thunderhead and Donnybrook  surfaced vertically, heads just out of the water in the midst of the ever present cadre of surfers. There had been no mistaking the hard edge in the big bull’s signal.  This was teach/tell time and Donnybrook opened up to listen/hear.  The bull updated all positions of living creatures and with a stacatto series of brief chirps and whistles got Donnybrook oriented identically, but with firm understanding of the meaning, good or bad of all who moved or sat within their vision. The huge bull could not do what this little one could do within the shrinking spaces created by the new netting.. not without endangering the trapped whales. He could tear away any net at any time but should a sinking net fall to the bottom with whales caught underneath, they would drown. He tasked Donnybrook to ensure the frightened whales were shepherded always to the gaps or openings to at least stay free inside the main nets.

With an accepting whistle, Donnybrook headed for the small gab he could enter the enclosed part of the cove by. He nosed to the six whales and  steered them to the leading edge of the net that was nudging closer and closer to the cove edge where the main net was pinned to the shoreline and showed them how to flatten against the rocky ledges and let the net slide against them with their blunt noses always  finding the gaps caused by protruding rock structures. In this way the net though frightening in its harsh contact would slide past them.

One young female panicked.. and  kicking in fear rushed to open space where the net would not touch her. This was what Thunderhead had warned him about.. and he rushed to calm her and encourage her to follow the other five around te frightening edge of the net. He pushed his check against hers as she again attempted to let the net slide past her. But she broke away again. He calmed her again and led her to a spot that would work and this time he used his snout to help the net past her without scraping against her sensitive head. There..  he gave a sharp prod to her and she began to kick into the gap. With a lurch, the edge of the net snapped forward and at the same time he felt the touch of the main against his tail.  Thunderhead hadn’t really told him what to do with himself if he got the rest of them away from this new net.. and he turned around to examine the circle of mesh and see how it was connected to the trawler.

“Seal the top a the purse.. and haul away boys.. let’s see who’s comin to dinner”

As the top line of the trap net was reeled in, the net essentially became a  bag of mesh and in short order a boom swung out over the water, a hook was lowered and the whole bag began lifting up and toward the deck of the trawler. . with Donnybrook suddenly realizing he was inside it.

“Shit there’s just one of the suckers in there.. but looky here.. prime young killer whale in a bag and we got a buyer on the way.. git it aboard lickedy split and we’ll get the rest on the next pass.”

As the boom began swinging the net toward the stern, rough hands rolled Donnybrook tighter in the mesh and sliding him aboard. At the first rude touch he was about to panic but a calming voice suddenly broke through to him in a new language.

Who was this ? The voice inside his head distracted and calmed him .. he felt/saw visions of what landwalkers and skyflyers must see outside the water. He was entranced by these dreamlike visions and offered no resistance as he was wrapped in a mesh harness and deposited into a shallow tank on the deck of the trawler.

Atop the sentinel pine overlooking the cove, the eagle continued to send his messagedream to the young whale even as a howling jet passed over the highway just inland from the cove and disappeared in the dark.

Aboard the trawler, all hands had stopped to look up into the storm as the strange jet noise screamed nearbye. But being just miles from  one of the many air force and Coast Guard strips on the island it was not unusual to see military craft in the air.. especially when the weather threatened any ship or aircraft that had not made safe port. They re-deployed the trapping net and the skiffs began moving it along the other side of the cove under the watchful eyes of rifle bearing men ashore.


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 6:03 pm

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