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(_25) Ch Twenty Five

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The young whale  remained calm inside the mesh.. because .. ?  .. Good question.. knows there’s a reaction going on .. duh. And that  wavewalker dude who swims with them is outthere..  he can feel/know it and another cool harmless/maybe creature that girl. What did wavekid call her… or think her..? And besides.. the mencreatures in the boat that stared down stupidlook toward him or studied him were funtowatch..  and they seemed notknow anything in this strange game..

Donnybrook, sensed and knew from the whistles that the bull was ready to explode but till now had been content with the sense that time had to pass here.. a most vital ingredient and then.. something of importance would come to pass.. that moment was here.. now ! Donnybrook could feel it.. and the strange voicedream in his head was seemingly letting him see all this unfold from another vantage point.

In Thunderhead’s mind he felt and knew swimboy wavewalker was here.. in the water.. He too was getting the strange dream visions from one who was out there.. the powerful one. This was a voice he knew well.. he understood exactly that his voice as as connected to the wavewalker as he the bull was connected to his mere.

A test had been thrown at the pod.. they had passed. And now.. it was time .. the right moment. And if the swimmers were  here.. it was as the other had said.. the hunting time. As the cable above rose with the surge of a big wave and the tide, he repeated his shattering leap onto and over the net.. but on the side that was not enclosed by the now closed trap net. He looked at the device that Hunterman had attached and saw that it no longer held the trap net from being closed completely and the net was rising to the surface. He whistled encouragement to the whales inside the net and  then turned  toward the stern of the boat..

 Thunderhead sniffed up against the stern and blew, then dropped deeper and rubbed hard down the length of the silent boat. Flexing and pushing.. he put his muscle against the wooden planking and felt where it seemed to groan the most. Inside the boat there was a flurry of feet hitting the deck and others running up the hatch and looking over the side. The big bull couldn’t resist the opportunity to see so many human faces up close and surging back through the surface he sailed past the straining faces sniffing each as he passed and blowing harshly.. a little show of teeth was ok too.

He marked their individual smells and faces into darker parts of his brain while splashing a wall of water into their faces  then returned immediately  to the soft groaning point and gave it another hard blow with the suddenly flexing midpoint of his massive frame.

Force = mass x acceleration rolled through his instinct and synapses aa he put about 55,000 lbs pressure again on the weakening rib with a simple flex from exactly the right spot. There was another groan from within the hull, followed by a huge thud from the other side of the besieged trawler. With barely a pause there was another far more resounding thud  and now Thunderhead heard the high hiss of water jetting thru the hull on both sides and turned his attention to the silent and shiny propeller, easily forcing it sternward and breaking the shear pin.

How many times he had done this.. and the rudder was powerless to resist so much mass leaning into it as he kicked hard. It ripped way immediately and sagged off to the side, just as two huge whales rolled under the hull .. one of them greeting him with a soft and low whistle..

The dark figure in scuba gear turned and looked back into the murky water.. listening. What had that been .. that noise.. a creaking and snapping sound.. wood and metal separating in an unhappy way. What was that all about..? And those grinding.. groaning sound moments before a huge and thunderous splash.. only the bull moved that much water aside. So..! Thunderhead was out there playing!

He began tapping short sequences with his hands against his re-breather.. and immediately heard the low pulsing whistle from the bull.. followed by another higher pitched whistle he hadn’t heard  in quite a while.. could it be ?

He was out there.. Thunderhead.. and he had help from other orca. But.. there were the whales within the trap of the inlet.. barely able to move within the confines of the net.. and horribly, having to surface in the very faces of the captors to breath for a moment and where was the young whale?  Had they already moved him?

So what was this all about.. the bull was taking over events and .. a hand closed on his shoulder in the murky water. Jimmy !

On board the boat there was bedlam as men reached for their guns and lights They fired into the spot lit water, straight down at what had been grinding into their boat..  there were anxious voices coming up the hatch.. and the sound of water driving through the hull..

Jimmy had moved  to the trapped whales  and found his father calming the creatures. They floated up to breathe and talk with only part of their faces above water behind one of the floats.. all the charges charges were set. It was the time!

Sharply clapping his hands above the water he drifted straight down with his father as shots probed the water above them then kicked away toward the stern of the trawler.. the net might be about to sag as the explosive charges fired but there was a small brave Orca  on deck that needed help and protection.

Just inside the edge of the darkness, seaward of the boat but somewhat sheltered from the force of the waves, a mottled kayak fought its way toward the slight lee offered by the arm of the cove..  Listening for the clap with anxious eyes.. she wondered at the sheer moment of it all.. and found herself strangely picturing two glistening head joined by another massive one..  and the the mist obscured her vision.. she looked hard.. knowing that that was  when she’d send her message to anoneemose.. yet she strained her ears against the wind  listening for Jimmy’s signal. Katherine heard it over the storm and reached into the kayak for a large barreled gun.. pointed it toward the dark sky and.. looking away from the inlet.. eyes pinched shut.. pulled the trigger, sending a blue flare high into the storm.

In a large van near the edge of the cove.. hard blue eyes flared momentarily and long slim fingers flicked a silver toggle. With twelve synchronous flashes.. the floats vapourized and the cable suddenly sagged downward .. the mature females and young bulls surged up in the trapping net tat was drawn up against the main nets now, slithered over it into the inlet.. submerged and headed for the boat.. as the thunderclaps of the charges reverberated through the water, Hunter was giving him a lift and he slipped unseen  over the stern as all on board gaped at the net lines disappearing under the surface.

The battering sounds of Thunderhead and two other large whales assaulting the hull were obvious..  the trawler heeled abruptly rolling a bit under to the seaward side as they began pushing against it..  and without a prop the deisel engine shrieked but was helpless against the savage force applied from underneath .. again and again the whales pushed until a vicious ryhthm was established.. everything on the deck began rolling back and forth.. a shadowy dark form flitted to the captive young whale and knocked the wedges holding it in place with the butt of a long flashlight and the small whale in its shallow tank began to slide.  On board there was no withstanding the rolling deck and moment later with a large splash, the tank slid hard to the gunwhales behind the solid pushing from the shadowy form and took out the slim rails as it broke apart with a crash.. depositing the young whale back into the sea.. followed moments  later by a small clean splash into the roiling seas. Hunter slashed away the entrapping mess harness and together they peeled it away from Donnybrook.. the last of the captive whales was free..

On the other side the battering continued unabated as the fishermen fired up the skiffs and tried to pull the trawler back toward the deep and sheltered lee side of the cove.  Violent crunches from underneath  heaved the skiffs in all directions despite volleys of rifle fire from the trawler and shotgun blasts from the skiffs. Barely able to stay afloat themselves the skiffs efforts were  futile and as the MaryDale settled lower in the water the push of the tide, waves and angry killer whales and  it was soon hard aground at the southern side of the cove.. and with the highest tide in memory and the force of all the high water that had piled into the cove under the relentless surge of the sea.. it would be a major effort to get it off the sharp black rocks that pounded away underneath each time the swelling water lifted it before crashing down with sickening splintering sounds..  it was a frightening ride for the fishermen aboard as there were still  20 to 30 feet of angry water and black saw-toothed rocks between them and the rocky shore of the cove. The skiffs risked all to come in close enough for those on the trawler to leap for their lives

At a sharp whistle.. the pod withdrew from the angry scene and with aggressive skyhops and tail whacks.. they withdrew from the cove toward the howling seas outside the cove..

The kayakers and surfers who somehow had crept for survival just within the shelter of the south arm of the outland that created the cove were treated to a close perusal and approval from the bull and several of the more mature females.. it was a moment of a lifetime..

Dawn was arriving.. the howling winds were abating and now the spray that had been hurled into the night was calming..  after a last look over the scene.. the great bull fell back in the water to seaward and turned the pod to the south..


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 8:49 pm

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