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(_26) Ch Twenty Six

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Harsh spotlights from news cameras mingled with the powerful flashlight beams of Fisheries and Wildlife officers, though the growing light made it easier to see the different groups that were scattered along the beach and dock areas of Comuppance Cove. At the rocky northern curve where the trawler MaryDale rolled sideways among the black rocks, small groups of camera crews and correspondents uplinked breathless accounts of the strange battle that had take place in the howling storm overnight. At the foot of the roadway accessing the cove, telltale masts of TV trucks sprouted oddly, raised far into the mist like some strange totem poles from a migrant and technology based tribe.

Lightly bobbing high up and over now smooth but giant rollers sweeping into the cove opening, a group of kayaks and surfboards were rafted around the distinctive yellow wetsuit of young Kyle Sehorn, astride his board. They were listening and watching as he made fierce gestures and described his close up view of the battering the trawler had taken during the night.

Turning with an easy smile from watching the young people out there at the very portal of the great Pacific Ocean, Hunter Walker looked at his son.

“I’m on the road again kid.. the chopper road. That’s it flying in now.  FBI this time, so I’m out of country, the usual.. just help hold the fort up the island. I’ll be calling your Gram and Grandad.. let you know what’s up.. can’t say how long.. you know the deal.. gotta get doin what needs to be done.

There were no words then.. just a pause that stretched comfortably..

“I’m mighty proud of you kid..  no mistake.. and your grandparents too.. and a few other pretty good folk I’ve met this last week..  props to you. And give my regards to the cousins when you see them next.”

The sound of a descending helicopter was becoming deafening.. and the hurricane of wind roiling underneath it buffeted them.. but neither blinked..  a quick strong clasp.. and a rub of the head.. and a whispered phrase from the tall man..

“Walk in Beauty”

“All Is One.. Dad.. and thanks.. we needed you.”

A light nod came from the tall man and he turned his gaze to the young woman.

 “Katherine.. its been a pleasure.. a friend to the whales is a friend to me.. a friend to my son.. that’s very special in my eyes.. and such a brave one..

“Walk in Beauty..”

A firm handshake was followed by a giant uplifting hug that took Kathy’s breath away and swept her feet off the sandy beach. The three of them.. Hunter, Jimmy and Kathy had watched the pod turn away to the south after clearing the gathering of surfboards and kayaks just outside the mouth of the cove.

There was a slight drop in the screaming pitch of the helicopter.. the big man dropped her lightly back to her feet, turned and bent quickly to the large dog, firmly grasping it around the stubby black ears and rolling the great grinning head back and forth several times to the obvious delight of the beast.. and after touching nose to nose for a long breath he rose quickly with his duffel and broke into a stooped quick trot to finally roll easily onto the open deck of the Huey Cobra with only the long Navy bag under his arm. From the shadows within came the light flash of a hand signal and Jimmy and the dog turned quickly to the black truck with Kathy as the chopper turbines howled, dragging it forward, rising swiftly and canting away into the dawn mist before rising above to the southeast.

Leaning against the truck, arms crossed and shaking their heads at the wonder of it all were Creighton and Billy.. and just beyond.. an animated discussion between Jarvis and Shirley McGee seemed way beyond the understanding of a tall woman in Air Force flight gear who seemed more interested in the distant pod of water sprites bobbing on the monstrous hissing rollers sweeping in from the northwest. Barely visible to the side of the roadway in the misty dawn light was the strange outline of a British Harrier jump jet lit by worklights with a fueling crew and technicians swarming around it, carefully watched by RCMP officers in slickers and distinctive hats.

Flashing strobes fired continuously creating strange pulsing glows as a trio of unmarked sedans tried to ease through the milling confusion and make their way from the marina complex and get underway with their cargo of fishermen and wildlife brokers.

Jimmy paused to wrap his arms over the broad shoulders of his baseball brothers and quietly watch the movement of the RCMP sedans as they forged their way past photographers and reporters shouting questions and waving microphones and cameras then disappearing up the roadway into the mist.

Jimmy’s soft black eyes took in these  friends.. one by one he felt their spirit and put it carefully into the special places inside him.. and gave back a reflection in return for the “borrowing”. From Wizziwig he turned his eyes to where the seas rolled in and after watching Kyle Sehorn for a moment he placed the blessing where it could never be lost and turned his eyes back to the young lad’s mother with that little knowing nod he seemed to speak with.

He looked at Shirley McGee thoughfully.. reading her and then eyed the the dog Quinn and gave her back just a little jolt.. mischievous in its freedom.. but a clear pipeline moment where she could feel and hear.. “have” the vibrant connection that was his. Her eyes fluttered and he saw the momentary sag in her knees before he released the flow. The dog bounded toward her with that strange excited stiff legged motion and she regained her composure without anyone catching what had happened.. realizing that in fact she wasn’t sure of what had happened..

Jarvis found a simple steady gaze directed his way and for that moment  heard distant laughter that he remembered well. It was that damn laugh that Chief Joey always had back in the day.. and clear as a bell he heard the words..

“Let’s get the big mitt out today Jarvis.. it’s a good day to throw the knuckleball..”

Jarvis blinked and it was gone.. the voice and laughter fading suddenly.. but there was still a rushing sound in his ears.. and faintly.. what sounded like the voice of eagles..

“Now what the..”

Jimmy’s soft voice broke in and caught their attention.. it had only take seconds for him to catch them unaware and send each a perfect spirit reflection.. but that was the power of the “knowing way” and in Jimmy’s unusual and thankful perspective it was the perfect moment of balance.. and a little jolt of All Is One .. was shining out at this nice moment and could be shared. 

“Let’s go home everyone.. the day is perfect in my eyes.. and I think we have a baseball game to play this afternoon. It’s a long drive to get over the mountains and on from this beautiful island to Vancouver”

The mist swallowed the black truck.. then the van of Shirley McGee, leaving the tall pilot and her jet behind.. and out on the water the surfers turned their attention to the giant perfect break that was now rolling past the entry to Comuppance cove.


Note: Katherine.. heading to the game or ? currently not mentioned in Ch 27


Written by diamondwalker

November 26, 2008 at 8:45 pm

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