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(3) Chapter Three

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that same day

“Anoneemoose reads your transmission five by five, data burst downloaded and verified. Wait one .. opening as we speak. Pictures are clear.I repeat. Pictures are clear and southbound train is on the track. Many thanks, Wizzywig, you done good. Anoneemoose departing this channel, smooth air and tailwinds to y’all.”

“No sweat moose, gotta get on the ball up here and find the gas station. Stay cool and regards to all the watchers..Wizzywig breaking clear for now.”

The picture on the big computer monitor was like God’s eye looking down at part of the world.  A deft and confident hand tweaked a mouse and began to open more images, zooming in on some of them relentlessly, but pausing here and there to grab frames and send them into buffers and discs.

White noise filled the small and cramped room, pumping out from the multitude of computers humming to themselves. Again the hand tweaked the mouse as another stabbed at a drawing pad with a stylus. Yet another software was launched, shifting the colours of one of the pictures drastically into a higher contrast. Like a piano the hands played the pictures… cropping now… pasting here, cutting there, but always the blue eyes found what they sought. A small nod here, a grunt there, a humming sound..  then a knowing smile.

“I got you babes… and I got something else here.. or should I say I got someone else. Just who the heck are you… lordamercy, we got ourselves ourselves a mystery here,  or is it just Jonah and the whales all over again!”

A crosshaired cursor settled squarely on the smallest of the fourteen objects on the screen and a keystroke later the blue eyes gleamed with satisfaction. Seconds later the intuitive eyes were examining what looked at first like a beached dolphin, but sliding the extreme blow up slightly revealed two other creatures on the shoreline and earned a low whistle of surprise. Yet another software was brought into action,  transforming the picture to reveal infrared transmissions.. and again the eyes gleamed knowingly.

“Something’s fishy in Denmark and I aint just blowin smoke here boys and girls!”

Harsh static burst from a speaker and the blue eyes snapped over to a marine band receiver. Again the static burst came then a pause and once more it came. The hands flew to the keyboard of yet another computer and triggered another software into action. Moments later, a distressing sound filled the room.  Blue eyes read a terse email that accompanied the sound file and the eyes hardened for a moment before giving way to a relieved smile.  Another software was activated that confirmed the data and chirped three times. Again the hands flew over the keyboard and a brief message took shape on a monitor..

“Honeybear, Honeybear.. you’re as sweet as Tupelo Honey.. you are just sweet, sweet, sweetness. Big hello’s from mommybear Wizzywig, inbound at high speed to ya and sending me pretty pictures of the lucky 13. They got special friends ashore and uptown of ya. Got your music loud and clear… already have that CD in my collection and the location data is mapping as we speak babe. Don’t know the who or why, but I’ll ask your Whiz for a peekaboo, next outbound flight and then we’ll see who’s blasting that same sad song on the beach near you.  anoneemoose out.”

After a moment of thought.. the adept hands quickly added to the note.

“PS: have an eye for a 16 foot, carbon fibre, mottled black and white K1 with front ejection seat. Treat it friendly but very, very far out. This one is news to me, with an outrageous and righteous driver in similar colour scheme. Please report any sightings immediate… Luv ya babe.. da moose is loose”

A slashing keystroke sent the note on its way. The blue eyes looked over at a monitor holding sampled waveforms from the sound file just received.

“Now why would someone be playing the sounds of a killer whale being captured? Don’t like the sound of that, specially considering they’re low enough to play it again and again and transmitting it underwater to boot. Just don’t see any redeeming value to that kind of behaviour, and just who the heck is that Jonah in the water at the rubbing rocks I wonder?  If I didn’t know better,  I’d say old Hunter Walker might know a thing or two about that dontcha know… yes’m… might just have to put the feelers out on Hunter. Course he’d twig right away. Got to walk soft if you’re going to poke around the Hunter… hate to have him take it personal. “

Rolling back to the large monitor the blue eyes looked long and pensively at the long human form outlined on the shoreline then zoomed the image in closely at the object just to the side…

“Big dog … or a skinny bear. And who else’d be lyin on the beach with whales thrashin around but the hunterman hisself! A poverty pack of Kokanee say that’s his pup cavorting in the water with em!!!

The deep blue eyes closed for a moment… memories flooding in with a rush… then snapped open.. with a realization that there were probably previous images of the person swimming with the whales.. but they’d gone by un-noticed in past years.. or been mistaken for a blond belly rolling on the rocks. Or perhaps last year a sighting of this unique swimmer had been missed in the big flap over the missing leader of that pod.. that so strangely bugged out with a well known transient bull and left the running of the pod even more strangely to her huge son. Yes, that had been an eye opener for the collective whale watchers observing this pod.

“times a wasting… better get on the case.. best we get to the bottom of this here killer whale DJ.. wouldn’t do to have Hunter Walker thinkin we can’t keep the beaches down here clean of riffraff and the like.. hate to have him pay us a surprise visit.. Angel Gabriel ! report in !”

A soft melodic voice purred a response from a computer, and the voice attached to the blue eyes chuckled, then responded.

“location search… access latest datum … print map… scale is 25,000 to 1 … pronto !!!


Came the purring computer response. Bright blue eyes rolled and wrinkled with laughter.

“Pronto, toute suite, most immediate.. that means now !! 


Written by diamondwalker

November 25, 2008 at 11:35 pm

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